About Us

Today 13% of all households in the United States live in single-family rental homes which represents 15,000,000 investor-owned properties. It’s a flourishing market that is projected to double in the next five years. Investors, both domestic and foreign, buyers, sellers, and even developers are engaged in the “new housing market.”

The Single-Family Rental Association (SFRA) is a Five Star Institute member organization focused on responding to business opportunity and industry betterment in the evolving real estate landscape. The SFRA fosters growth across the real estate industry through leadership, networking, info, education and training.

The Five Star Institute was founded 13 years ago as a conduit to connect the industry, to empower education, and to stimulate thought leadership. Each day we work to create, and sustain organizations, relationships and content that support that mission. We are proud to help the industry and invite firms, companies, and individuals across all of the real estate market to join the effort.

The single-family rental segment has emerged from the economic turbulence as a strong, alternate source of opportunity in the real estate market.


Economic factors, changing demographics, and innovative developments demonstrate a future that provides promise and promotes adaptation to a dynamic market.